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As with most non-profit organizations, SARA relies on the help of caring volunteers.  Coming out and interacting with the animals is a wonderful experience for the whole family.  We encourage volunteers to bring apples, lettuce, and carrots for the animals.


  • Complete volunteer application.
  • Children over the age of 12 allowed with a parent.


  • Feeding/Cleaning

There is a mountain of work to be completed each day just to meet the basic needs of our 700+ animals.  Every day we feed over 700 pounds of dry kibble to the dogs, over 1200 pounds of livestock feed to the pigs and other animals.  As you can imagine, cleaning up after so many animals is vital to keeping the grounds clean and providing a  healthy environment for our animal residents.

Event Volunteers:

We need volunteers to help at fundraisers and off-site events in Austin and San Antonio.

Family Volunteers: (age 12 to 17 with parent/guardian)

  • Cleaning cattery/infirmary, cleaning hen house, farm yard clean up
  • Animal Enrichment – making “toys & treats” for animals
  • Animal Socialization – petting dogs, cats, goats

How to Apply

Please fill out our online Volunteer Application Form, then visit our Volunteer Information Center.

Volunteer Application