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New Internship Program

We are excited to launch our new Internship Program. We now have on-site housing for people willing to make a 3 month commitment. Spend the summer doing what you love! Contact for more information.

Visiting the Sanctuary

Coming out and interacting with the animals is a wonderful experience for the whole family. We encourage visitors to bring apples, lettuce, and carrots for the animals. We’re always happy to have visitors come out to the sanctuary! (Note: In anticipation of the extreme temperatures, the sanctuary will be closed to visitors from July 15th to September 1st.)


As with most non-profit organizations, SARA relies on the help of caring volunteers. Here are some of our volunteer opportunities.

On-site Volunteers
There is a mountain of work to be completed each day just to meet the basic needs of our 700+ animals. We welcome your interest and assistance with the following tasks.

  • Feeding: Every day we feed over 700 pounds of dry kibble to the dogs, over 1200 pounds of livestock feed to the pigs and other animals.
  • Cleaning: Cattery, infirmary, hen house, farm yard. As you can imagine, cleaning up after so many animals is vital to keeping the grounds clean and providing a healthy environment for our animal residents.
  • Animal Enrichment: Making “toys & treats” for animals.
  • Animal Socialization: Petting dogs, cats, goats.

Event Volunteers
We need volunteers to help at fundraisers and off-site events in Austin and San Antonio. Please contact for more information.

How to Apply
Please read and complete our Volunteer Application and Agreement form below.

SARA Volunteer Application and Agreement Form (.pdf file)

SARA Volunteer Application and Agreement Form (.doc file)

You can choose to print out and mail the completed form, or you can choose to email a scanned copy or picture of the completed form.

Postal Address:
SARA Sanctuary
ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator
PO Box 813
Seguin, Texas 78156-0813

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