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what is SARA?
Southern Animal Rescue Association and its sanctuary were created in response to the problem of abuse and abandonment of companion animals in Central Texas. We have been in operation, officially as a nonprofit organization, since March of 1996. SARA is located on 380 acres, which also serves as a refuge for wildlife.

is SARA a registered and legal non-profit?
Yes, SARA is officially a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation, and thus any donations made are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our non-profit Tax ID number is: 74-2790363. Every five years, non-profits are required to prove non-profit status. Please see our latest proof of status in the downloads section on this page.

what is SARA's mission?
SARA’s mission: love, life, food, shelter

Southern Animal Rescue Association, SARA, provides homeless companion animals with unconditional life – food, shelter, love and life in a permanent, safe, and healthy environment, despite special health needs or temperament. We seek loving adoptive homes for our animals, but when adoption is impossible, the animals live the rest of their natural lives at the sanctuary in the company of other animals and human caregivers.

why a no-kill sanctuary?
Our no-kill concept is somewhat different from that of traditional animal shelters. Terminally ill animals that are suffering with no chance for recovery are euthanized; however, no animal is ever killed because of time and space constraints, for mange, for FIV or leukemia, or even for temperment problems. We seek adoptive homes for all the animals here that have been socialized, but when adoption is not possible for whatever reason, the animals have a permanent quality home at the sanctuary for the duration of their natural lives.

San Antonio is among the worst cities in the nation for its euthanization rates. Over 42,000 were euthanized last year by animal control. Many of our dogs and cats come from San Antonio and Austin, yet we receive no funding from Bexar County (San Antonio), Travis County (Austin) or any other jurisdiction.

what are the purposes and goals of the organization?
SARA's purpose is to alleviate suffering of unwanted and abused companion and factory farm animals and to provide as many as possible with a permanent, quality home.

SARA's goal is to ensure all animals a life that is free of suffering and pain by educating people on proper animal care, by speaking out against animal cruelty, and offering prevention of unwanted animals through spay/neutering.

what happens to animals that are brought here?
SARA is committed to helping any abused or abandoned dog or cat regardless of its condition upon arrival. First, we provide the animals with any immediate medical needs and healthcare. All of the animals are vaccinated against disease, spayed/neutered, and the dogs are tested for heartworms. In the case of the cats, we test for feline diseases such as Feline Leukemia/FIV/FIP. All animals live in spacious communal enclosures, and no animal is ever confined alone, unless a recovery from illness warrants it so that the other animals are not infected; or if, in the example of a few of our dogs, they were bred to fight other dogs. In this case, they are put in a spacious enclosure and the staff works on socialization with them. If, for any reason, an animal adopted from our sanctuary needs to be returned, they will be welcomed back immediately. Those that are not adoptable make SARA their permanent home.

do you accept pets when the owner can no longer care for them?
Since SARA's mission and purpose it to rescue and rehabilitate abused and abandoned animals in the hopes that they may be adopted, we do not accept healthy and happy pets from owners who, for whatever reason, choose to relinquish them. For more information, and alternatives to SARA, Please see the section entitled, finding a home for your pet.

is SARA affiliated with any other sanctuary?
SARA is not affiliated with any other Sanctuary. However, we do support the efforts of all no-kill animal sanctuaries and work in conjunction with many other animal advocacy groups and shelters for the benefit of animals.

how is SARA funded?
90% of our funding comes from private donations by individual citizens. The rest comes from grants and endowments.

do you accept volunteers?
Yes, absolutely! We rely on and maintain the Sanctuary through the help of volunteers and welcome anyone interested at any time. Groups or individuals are free to come and lend a hand. More specific information is found in our volunteer section.

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