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finding a home for your pet

Since SARA's mission and purpose it to rescue and rehabilitate abused and abandoned animals in the hopes that they may be adopted, we do not generally accept healthy and happy pets from owners who, for whatever reason, choose to relinquish them.

While this may seem extreme, let us explain why.

First, we believe that if you adopt an animal, you are making a commitment to that animal. The pet(s) is your responsibility and should not be easily disposed of.

Secondly, SARA is at capacity with at least 200 permanent animals, and triple the amount of adoptable ones. Due to limited funds, we cannot accept any animal unless it is in dire need of rescue.

Next, SARA is not the best venue to find a new home for your animal. Due to SARA's remoteness, our adoption rates are lower, and new visitors, especially those coming out to seek adoptions, are drastically reduced compared to in-city shelters.

Lastly, while many feel their animal would happier at SARA, citing SARA's 380 acres, open-air pens, and the community of other dogs and cats, abused and abandoned animals are often better served by this environment. SARA is an 800-animal sanctuary - a home, but not a traditional home. While all of our animals are happy and over time become well adjusted, the SARA family is a bit different than having the traditional family for your pet.

We would still like to help - and the best way is to provide you information and possible outlets for finding a new home for your pet(s).

step 1: have you exhausted all options?
With unexpected moves, new babies, or health issues, many people who have loving relationships with their pets feel compelled to find a new home for their animals. Here, we believe taking several weeks to exhaust all resources is key.

Obedience Classes
Most cases of aggression, jealousy and other obnoxious pet behaviors, such as peeing on the carpet and chewing the furniture, can be properly managed through obedience classes. Your local PetCo or PetSmart may have such classes as well as other community resources. Any animal requires commitment, including helping them adjust to change. Likwise, animal behaviorists, like those listed below, can target your pet's issues and provide a solution.

Note: SARA has not worked with any that we list here and do not make any claims as to their success - these are simply resources for you to try.

Janice Patton, M.Ed., CPDT with ARF Inc.-A Real Friend Dog Training Inc. is an Austin-based trainer whose dog-friendly methods are humane and creative. She offers reward-based training either in group classes, private lessons, or board-n-train programs. Specialties include solving behavior problems, training humans to handle difficult dogs,specialized training for deaf dogs, and service dog training. Janice also has extensive experience working with rescued and shelter dogs. Austin, Texas - 372-9273

Tammy Orona, member A.P.D.T. Basic Obedience, Group and Private Lessons, Behavior Counseling! (512)785-7687 or teeheedog@hotmail.com

Triple Crown Academy
offers results orientated training for everyone, including free online training and behavior solutions, training in basic companion obedience, solutions for behavior problems, agility, police K-9, competitive dog sports, retriever training and more. At their school for professional dog trainers, students routinely work with and train dogs from local rescue groups. They welcome tours of their dog training facility and dog boarding kennel where, "your dog is a member of your family and will be treated as one of ours." Check out: www.triplecrowndog.com

Invisible Fences
Owners have asked SARA to accept pets that no longer have "wide open spaces" due to living situations. Rather than chain a dog, which results in misery on both sides, we suggest exploring the invisible fence as an alternative. For more information, check out: www.invisiblefence.com

Family & Friends
Family and friends are excellent resources for finding a new home for your pet. We recommend sending out a mass email with a photograph of your pet attached.

step 2: media outlets
Community Papers, such as The Austin Chronicle and The Statesman's XLent.
Craig's List - check out austin.craigslist.com
Online E-zines, such as Austin360.com and austin.citysearch.com
Your pet's veterinarian may have a photo board for notifying others of an available pet for adoption.

step 3: pure breed rescue groups
If your dog or cat is a purebred animal, there are many rescue groups that focus on fostering and finding homes for specific breeds. Below are just a few:

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Austin Boston Terrier Rescue - (512) 990-3446
Austin German Shepherd Dog Rescue
Border Collie Rescue Texas, Inc.
Cocker Rescue of Austin/San Antonio
Doberman Rescue - North Dallas
DFW Pug Rescue (Austin)
Golden Retriever Rescue
Great Dane Rescue of Dallas
Greyhound Rescue Austin
Heart of Texas Lab Rescue
Helping Hands Basset Rescue
Houston Beagle Rescue

step 4: Other organizations that accept or foster previously owned pets
Austin SPCA
Bastrop County Animal Control - (512) 321-1963
Blue Dog Rescue
Central Texas Large Breed Rescue - (512) 441-2353
Central Texas SPCA
Lucky Mutts
Mixed Breed Rescue
Utopia Pet Ranch

Bexar county, Travis and Williamson County Humane Societies
These Humane Societies actually prefer accepting animals that are previously owned. First, because they are perceived as more adoptable and second because the animal comes with a known history. Typically, they have a waiting list, but they are a good resource for those without time dependence.

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