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There may be no better way to remember a loved one than by making a memorial or tribute gift that will help animals in need.

When making your gift, please complete a the "Dedicate my donation" section at
We'll then post your memorial/tribute contribution on this page.

More memorials here.
Remembering our special human friends too.

Memorial in Honor of the Life of Patti Fowler, a wonderful mother and friend who loved all animals.

In memory of Solomon. Memorial contribution made by Rhoda and Stephen Moss.

You left this world too soon. Beloved pet of Rhoda and Stephen Moss, son of Piper.


In memory of Blanca. Memorial contribution made by Lisa Jones.
In memory of Raja, Shamila, Scheel, Nadia, Sabrina and Raja’s mates, Leila, Sadie, Pepsi and Sonee

Raja gave us nine wonderful years – there was never a dull moment with Raja as he was everywhere and in everyone’s business! He was the life of every party we had, in the pool, playing with his tennis ball and socializing with every guest ... and then suffer from a hangover the next morning. Who said that dogs don't have a personality? Raja was Mr. Personality and incredibly well-known amongst our friends, a friend to all. Raja is missed every day and will always remain a part of our family. Although, we have four other pets, Raja is irreplaceable and his absence is felt by not just us, but also by his four-legged mates. Love you, our dearest friend and hope its beautiful wherever you are...and pouring tennis balls!       Raja

In memory of Koko. Memorial contribution made by Scott and Melissa Wu.

Koko was the faithful companion to our good friend Nick. For years, they started off their day walking along the beach & enjoying the Florida sun. Nick did everything to make sure Koko's life was happy & full of love -- especially in her later days. There's no replacing Koko but Nick will keep her spirit alive through his good works for other animals in need.


In memory of Kirby. Memorial contribution made by Dorothea Morris. Kirby.

Kirby was the light of our lives for almost 13 years and we miss her so much we still have a difficult time thinking about her. She gave us a laugh a day and probably extended our lives through her love and humor. There may never be another like her but we tried by rescuing a tiny min pin that looks and acts very similar. Wish us luck.


Memorial contribution made by the Trimble Family in loving memory Earl.

Our precious 4-legged friend and family dog, Earl, died this afternoon at age 14. We are so very sad at his passing but glad that he was fortunate enough to be rescued and given a home at SARA, where we we were able to find him and give him a family home for his final years. Earl brought so much joy to our lives. We are grateful for everything that Earl brought to our lives and we will miss him so very much....Always in our hearts you will remain our dear friend and beloved member of our family. Thank you for coming into our lives. Until we meet again, dear Sheepy-Man.


Memorial contribution made by Nicole Martin, Clare Wuellner, Monica, Mueller, Kelli Soika, Agnes Savich, Jennifer Riha, and the Jones family in loving memory Tofu.

Our beloved Tofu was with us for almost 13 years. More about Tofu.


Memorial contribution made by Denise Fischer in loving memory Salvador.

Salvador was at least 18 years old. He was with his parents, Jeanine and Gary Barron, for 6 years after coming from a hospice patient who rescued dogs and cats. Jeanine was a volunteer for this special lady who entrusted Salvador's care to her. Salvador drew attention because of his small size, big ears, and silky white coat. He could be a quirky little pistol at times and loved very much. We will miss him.

Memorial contribution made by Scott Ginder in loving memory Charles.

Charles was adopted in 2001 from SARA. He was a sweet boy!

Memorial contribution made by Shannon Osgood in loving memory Star.

Star was a beautiful, beloved family member. She was amazingly talented and enthusiastic, and was generous in sharing her joyous spirit with everyone. She will be terribly missed.

Memorial contribution made by Kendal Quinn in loving memory Tyler.

Tyler Redbone, you wonderfully unique soul! Gone to play with your buddy, Shadow (see below)....you will be dearly missed here.

Memorial contribution made by Karin, Paul and Scott Wilson in loving memory Annabelle.

We were fortunate to adopt Annabelle 9 years ago. She was a beautiful soul who blessed our life. She's deeply missed.

Memorial contribution made by Shannon Osgood in loving memory of Gabe.

Memorial contribution made by Kendal Quinn in loving memory of Shadow.

Shadow lived a long, wonderful life with many friends. We miss you. We hope that someday all neglected animals can be as dearly loved and cared for as he was.

Memorial contribution made by Denise Fischer in loving memory of Gideon.

Memorial contribution made by Denise Fischer in loving memory of Katie.

Our deepest sympathy at the passing of a terrific companion, a wonderful friend, and a good, good dawg. Please know that you are in our hearts and that we will all miss Katie-girl.

Memorial contribution made by J. Martin and Nathan Taylor in loving memory of
Scout Petty-Martin.

Beloved companion of Patricia Petty and J. Kent Martin. She touched our lives in so many ways and inspired our compassion and respect for all animals.

In Memory of Pepper, Parker's Favorite!

"I never would have known love, if it hadn't been for Tracy"

Memorial contribution made by Emily Doolan in loving memory of

Bruiser was born on July 14th, 1999 in Vallejo, California and died on March 17th, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. For 13 years, he was my Uncle Larry's companion, protector, travel buddy, and best friend. He loved walking in the woods and on the beach, swimming, playing with stuffed animals with his sister Betty, and naps in a cool, breezy spot. His human and canine family and friends in Kansas City, Missouri will miss him very much.

In Loving Memory of SARA dog, Lola who lived a long and happy life with Carol and Ana Moya.

Memorial contribution made by Shamila Nayar and family in loving memory of

I memory of our “gentle soul”, Pepsi, who left us so soon and so suddenly on Feb 9, 2013.

We still remember the day, 9 years ago, when we got you and your sister, Sadie. I held you in my arms when you were only 6 months old and you snuggled so tightly against my neck that it was hard to put you down – you were destined to come home with us, and what joy you brought into our lives! We shall miss you when the telephone rings – how you hated that ring and barked incessantly! We shall miss you at feed time – how you loved your food, especially chicken and cheese. We shall miss you walking your circles in between the chairs around the breakfast table – never understood that! We shall miss trying to take you for walks – what an impossible feat it was. And, how excited you were when dad came home; you were his best buddy, never letting him sleep at night with your shenanigans! We shall think of you on the stormy nights when the thunder scared you so much that you jumped into any bed you could find. How you loved company and were the first to greet every guest. We called you “Mr. 2-step” because you always got locked out and never barked! We had to constantly look for you at bed time and there you were outside the patio door, quiet as a mouse and waiting to be let in! Oh Pepsi, you were the best, an angel and the easiest pet of all. Never to be forgotten, always missed and hope you are in a place where there is plenty of cheese! Home will not be the same without you; Sadie is looking for you, her play mate and brother. Leila wonders where you are. Dad misses his walk buddy and at nights. Peanut misses her fights with you in the media room. Nadia was so bent on taking you to DC with her. And, mom misses you at feed times.

SARA is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization, supported by donations. Your donation to SARA is fully tax deductible to the extent of the law.

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Not comfortable donating on line? While donating online is safe and secure, we prefer you mail your donation to:

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We ask that you send the donation in with our donation form (available in the "downloads section" of this page.)

leave a legacy
You can make arrangements to ensure that SARA will continue to help animals for years to come by including SARA in your Will. A bequest to SARA is a wonderful way to express your legacy of love for animals. You can make your bequest for a specific sum, a piece of property or the residue of your estate.

Your first step, once you decide to leave a gift, is to contact your attorney to help draw up your will.

endowment fund
Through SARA's Endowment Fund you can establish a personalized fund, named in honor of your dog, cat, or other pet, to help expand our program. Your donation, a minimum of $3,000, will be invested to build an endowment for the future. The interest generated will help our shelter with food, medical supplies, and veterinary care, fund spay/neuter programs, and assist in our rescue efforts.
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