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Unconditional Life – Summer Newsletter 2020

The SARA Summer Newsletter 2020 is out. Would you like to be included in the next email list? Get updates,  animal stories, adoption stories, letter from SARA Founder Tracy Frank and success stories with happy endings. 

Thanks for getting involved with our animals and letting your circle learn about SARA Sanctuary. The newsletter share button is on the bottom right corner here.

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  1. Sandra Williams Sandra Williams

    We are trying to start a much smaller ranch with the same mission as SARA.

    Please any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Anxiously waiting😃

    • What kind of advice are you looking for?
      We’ve been at it for almost 25 years.
      We are a small team and giving general advice is time consuming. When we open back up after summer and after COVID-19, then you can come visit, volunteer and experience sanctuary life with 600+ animals. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of each page of the website to get more updates.

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