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FRANK TALKS: Kittens at the Gate

In just one week, life has changed greatly and for the best for The Kittens at the Gate. The 5 cats dropped off last Monday in a locked kennel have been checked by the vet and now have names from 80s TV show The Facts of Life characters. We had a $250 donation come in from Facebook post which has helped with the initial costs for the vet care of Ms. Garrett, Tootie, Nathalie, Blair and Joe. That’s Jo with an ‘e’ because we had one boy and 4 girls.

Ms Garrett’s family was named by Katie O’Shaughnessy, a SARA follower who took care of Gingee and Barney at Wags & Walks shelter in California. Gingee and Barney are now our permanent residents and part of a ‘dog swap’ program between SARA and other partner shelters around the US.

The feline family of 5 had a stroke of luck with their timing at the gate. They are now part of the ‘pet swap’ with Chicago partnership shelters. Alive Rescue brought two dogs named Sue Ellen and Grover who were not suitable to be adopted into a home. But Sue Ellen and Grover will live out their lives among dog friends at SARA Sanctuary.

In exchange, SARA sent 21 of our most adoptable, Texas friendly dogs and cats back with the Chicago rescuers. The Facts of Life family will have a great chance to be adopted into homes in Chicago which is a top 10 pet-friendly location in the US and has a demand for adoptable animals from SARA. Win-win-win. Lots of wins here. 

“You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life,” lyrics from the TV shows opening song. Hear it here on our TikTok.

It’s not uncommon that those within driving distance will leave pets at the gate of the sanctuary. This mama cat and 4 older kittens were left in a metal kennel with a combination lock today, Oct 5.

Although this is not the best way to leave pets somewhere, it has kept the cats from getting in the road or running into the woods or getting separated.

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