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In October, SARA was contacted about a special dog case in East Texas. Michelle Gonzalez and her daughter Danielle made arrangements to help Grumpy become a permanent resident of SARA Sanctuary. Since she had spent so much time making things right for Grumpy, we asked Michelle to tell Grumpy’s rescue story.

Grumpy was found wandering along a dam in rural East Texas. He was skinny and had obviously been lost for some time. He was picked up by animal control and housed in a holding pen. 

For 8 months he sat depressed in an open, outdoor chain link kennel sitting on concrete and sand. Workers asked that he not be euthanized, but not one person or rescue was interested in giving him a chance. Grumpy’s location was not a staffed facility, but it’s monitored by the local sheriff’s office. Inmates from the local jail were brought once a day to give food and water.

The dogs that find themselves at this facility either get reunited with their owners or they are euthanized. The really lucky ones, will be selected by a rescue. Grumpy had witnessed many dogs come and go, but he was not one of the lucky ones. Until he was.  

An inmate told the rescue that Grumpy was given his name because he can be so good and friendly about 95% of the time, and then he just changes. The other 5% is the scary side. The grumpy side that lets people know he wants to be left alone. Although he showed this side, he had never bitten anyone, and actually had bonded with a few of the inmates.

Grump suffered through sweltering Texas heat, then frigid cold days and through a rampant flea infestation. When things got bad at the kennel, a rescue intervened and asked volunteers to pick up Grumpy.

VIDEO: Grumpy on his rescue ride 

The rescue placed Grumpy in a very good boarding facility where he received excellent care. Grumpy resided there for 3 months and during that time, his Grumpy side would show itself often without warning. Again, no biting, but he definitely had a way to make people take notice.

Because there was no way to identify what would trigger his grumpy side, it was decided that he would not be an adoptable dog. After hundreds of pleas for a rescue, experienced foster/adopter, reasonable trainer, consults with vets and animal control officers, it was decided that humanely euthanizing him would be the correct and responsible decision.

Literally, the night before, the rescue was inundated with pleas to explore all avenues. People also wanted to know why weren’t more trainers contacted. Several trainers had been contacted, but the cost was prohibitive and the results probably not successful. 

Another suggestion was to test his thyroid levels. Several people said that their dogs were aggressive, but when put on thyroid medicine, they were brand new dogs. So Grumpy was  tested and everything came back normal.

Grumpy’s fate was then sealed. However, not wanting to completely give up, numerous emails were sent to sanctuaries throughout the US that could facilitate a dog with aggressive tendencies. After many negative responses from sanctuaries things were looking grim for Grumpy.

That’s when Tracy answered from SARA Sanctuary that she had a space for him and would love to have him. Needless to say, everyone cried.

DOG VLOG: Trainer Chris up close with Grumpy & Mariska 

Grumpy went to live at SARA Sanctuary October 10, 2020. When he was shown to his new accommodations, it was like he had been destined to live there. He inquisitively sniffed his neighbors on either side, wagged his tail, ran around the perimeter and ran to the front fence to let the volunteers know that he was fine, that he would be fine, and that he was going to live.  

FRANK TALKS VIDEO: Grumpy & Mariska together at SARA Sanctuary   

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