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We recently received an email including a picture of dog in distress with a terrible wound on his shoulder. The dog was in San Antonio, unapproachable, in a lot of pain and in need. The community called him Ghost because he would appear and disappear.

The wound turned out to be a huge cancerous tumor. After radiographs and blood work, we found that the malignancy had also spread to his lungs. The prognosis is terminal. Eventually, he will have to be euthanized.

This photo of Ghost was taken after a week of having a home at the sanctuary. A SARA friend has pledged to cover Ghost’s vet bills and meds.

For now, Ghost is happy and follows us everywhere. He is gentle and gets along well with the other animals despite being un-neutered. There isn’t much to be done other than clear up the infection and give him the usual battery of cancer medications and pain killers to keep him comfortable.

Ghost has to wear an old t-shirt and an E-collar to keep him from chewing the site as he heals. He seems so grateful to have a home. We don’t know how long he has, but whatever it is, he will be surrounded by those who love him.

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