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Happy Holidays from SARA: 10 Animal Cards

Happy Holidays from 600+ rescue animals in Seguin, Texas.

Since 2020 had a range of emotions, we made SARA animal cards to reflect some of the feelings throughout the year or even just this month. From happy to tired, to annoyed and a little scared, to not worried at all and ready for a break.

If you didn’t have time to mail cards, these can still make it on time. Pick your favorite animal or emotion and share the SARA e-cards with friends.

1. Click on the picture.

2. Hold with your finger or mouse.

3. Save or download to your phone or computer.

4. Share with your friends by email or social media.

Thanks for spreading awareness about SARA animals and for supporting us in 2020 and in the coming year.

Photography by…

1-6 from Mandy at @keepnitwild

7-9 from SARA & Tracy

10 from Shelbi & Madison @shelbizleee

Gift ideas:

Add an animal loving friend to receive SARA on Patreon starting at $2 a month.
You will need their email. Create an account. Add SARA. You pay the monthly fee.

SARA Cards on TikTok with music

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