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PIG TALES: Krampus at the Gate

On Christmas Day, this little boar showed up at our front gate. Guess he heard about SARA as a safe refuge with good mud, hay and feed.

We got him into a pen by himself where he is awaiting neutering. Once he is castrated, he will need to be isolated for two months because male pigs continue to be fertile for at least 45 days after the procedure. All of our male pigs are sterilized to reduce aggression in the herd and prevent unwanted boars.

We named him Krampus after the European Christmas creature who keeps kids in line. Our Texas Krampus looks more like a buttoned-eyed pig while the European version looks like a scary goat!

FUN FACT: Why the long face?
The snout of the wild boar (Sus scrofa) has a cartilagnious disk at the end supported by a small bone called the prenasal that allows his snout to act as a bulldozer for foraging.

SARA Mission & Unconditional Life
Your monthly support helps with our mission to take care of any animal that comes to the sanctuary regardless of species, special health needs or temperament. Unconditional life includes surprise visits from pigs in need like Krampus.

PIG TALES: Show Pig & Wild Pig Bromance 

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