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PIG TALES: Sarah, Sarah, SARA

A volunteer and rescue story from Sarah at Herff Farm in Boerne, Texas.

At the beginning of January 2021, a little black mini-pig was spotted around the house and grounds of the Herff Historic Farm in Boerne. We tried and tried to catch her and to entice her to come using fresh vegetables and other food, but the minute she saw us, she ran the other way.

Herff Farm personnel called the Boerne Animal Care Services who also came out, twice to try to catch her. To no avail. My name is Sarah – so you can probably guess how the mini-pig came to be named Sarah! 

Piglet Sarah rooting in the dirt at SARA Sanctuary. 

I take care of the chickens at Herff Farm and saw her from time to time, but she would never come to me. One day, when I was taking care of the chickens, I noticed that little Sarah was inside a semi-fenced area, so I closed the gate and blocked all the openings where she could get out. I put out fresh water, chicken food and fresh greens because that was all I had available for the chickens. 

Herff Farm chicken pens and feeders

For several days I went out to see her to get her to try to come to me. Finally, after several tries, she did come and eat apple pieces that I threw her, but the carrots, turnips and zucchini did not interest her.

I purchased some ‘berries and cream’ mini pig treats and those did the trick. She finally came and ate the treats and apple pieces from my hand and I was eventually able to scratch her head and belly. She loves to have her belly scratched.

Herff Farm has no other farm animals, except chickens, and we knew that Sarah would not be happy all alone, so we contacted Boerne Animal Care Services who came and was able to transport her to their space until we could find a forever home. The people at Boerne Animal Services made a warm house for her and she started to gain weight.

We were able to find the SARA Sanctuary in Seguin who agreed to take her. They have lots of other pigs who could become Sarah’s friends. We transported her out to Seguin on January 30, 2021 and she is settling in nicely.

Confusing, isn’t it? Too many Sarahs, but a happy ending to a potentially sad story – thanks to the kind folks at the Boerne Animal Care Services and the SARA Sanctuary.

Pot-bellied pig Sarah at her new home at SARA Sanctuary living her best new, unconditional life. 

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