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NEWCOMERS: Mama Sow & 6 Piglets

New to SARA is an unwanted mama sow who just gave birth to 3 black piglets and 3 pink and black spotted piglets. The sow and piglets were in need of a home because of a divorce situation. Neither side wanted the responsibility, financially or otherwise, to take care of these pigs.

The pig family was handed over and 6 piglets are not all in top form. All are getting vet care and need some recovery time from a neglectful start. The sow also needs some extra nourishment and attention to build up more strength to feed her piglets.

We’ll keep you posted on the condition of the new pig family who just landed in a soft patch of hay at SARA.

Pig family photos & video from our animal handler Chloe. 

One of the biggest issues with taking on pigs and piglets is that they all grow and become more expensive to feed. People will abandon them as they get bigger or bigger than they thought. SARA doesn’t allow pigs to be adopted if we think they are being raised for slaughter.

Since pigs can live to be 10, 15 or 20 years, finding homes for pigs as pets has always been a challenge for SARA and other pig rescue organizations. 

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