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DOG VLOG: Carlos Gains

MAY 9 IN WEEK 5 – CARLOS UPDATE : Carlos is active with lots of good energy. His paw has healed nicely after toe surgery April 15.

The vet and Tracy have chosen the ‘slower’ heartworm treatment which takes more time but requires less resting time in a kennel. The stronger, faster heartworm treatment requires some downtime in the kennel. That’s not good for this dog.

Confining Carlos would not be good for his recovery, energy levels, joy of being able to run and play outside. Carlos responded so negatively to confinement in the shelter.

May 9 photo – Almost a brand new Carlos.  

The recovery path with a slower heartworm treatment is better for him, all things considered.

After heartworm treatment, he should be ready for fostering or adoption. Amazing comeback, eh?!

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On April 15, Carlos had surgery to amputate his infected toe. Tracy said he was very enthusiastic about getting into the car. He is stronger and in better health. He is now recovering with more antibiotics, pain meds and everyone is keeping a close eye on him.   

Carlos has only been at SARA for two weeks and he is barely recognizable as the same dog. The very first picture on April 1 was taken later in the day/evening and Carlos looks almost gray. All the other pictures are in the sunlight. We did have some people ask if that was really the same dog!


Sanctuary life, sunshine, good food, good meds have really helped Carlos turn this all around health-wise. We’ve asked for donations to cover his vet bills on our social media channels, plus Cuddly and by email newsletter. So far, Carlos has received $744 online through the Help Carlos campaign. And almost $700 from other payment platforms mentioned in the email newsletter and our website.


We are very grateful that SARA animals have such great and caring fans to step up when one of our animals needs emergency help. Thanks for your monthly dedication which helps SARA support animals like Carlos who is soooooo much better and will still need heartworm treatments in the coming weeks.


DOG VLOG: Carlos Gains for April 1-8

Carlos is EATING! Carlos came to SARA April 1,  just in time for his dire situation. Carlos has a large fan base of rescuers all over the world who have done their darndest to save him and get him out of the shelter before he was euthanized. Mission accomplished!

Recent shelter photo of Carlos (used to be Chief) shared in the rescuers’ network.

Carlos is now putting on weight at SARA Sanctuary. He is eating and in just a few days has started filling out. Founder Tracy got him to SARA’s vet team first thing. They think he will bounce back. He has a horribly infected toe which will be removed. We didn’t add that picture. 

The good news is that he will not lose his whole paw which was reported earlier in the rescuers’ network. His toe surgery is set for April 15. He is on strong antibiotics and special food to help him gain. It’s working. 

Tracy is very happy he is eating and gaining quickly while at the sanctuary and he should be OK. He will need to get stronger before he starts heart worm treatment.


Shelter life definitely had a hold on him. We don’t know too much about his background. He just turned 5 years old. He went into the shelter at a healthy weight, but stopped eating and was said to be stressed about being in a kennel and had negative reactions to other dogs. 

Shelter photo when Carlos first entered the shelter.

We’re adding this story about Carlos to This website supports the more harsh, tragic cases with funds for vet care, surgery and expensive food and supplies.


The before pictures are tough to see. But Carlos is having a dramatic recovery with unbelievable after pictures. We made a TikTok video to show his improvements from April 1 – 8.

TIK TOK VIDEO: Watch Carlos’s transformation in just 1 week at SARA Sanctuary

The most recent photo of a stronger Carlos after 1 week of good food, vet care, medication and some breathing room for Carlos and everyone following his progress.


Lots of animal stories are rolling in about a few new cases at SARA. We appreciate all the support for all of our animals including the permanent residents who are living out their lives at SARA Sanctuary. Thanks for joining us on Patreon.  

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