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PIG TALES: Show Pig & Wild Pig Bromance

Originally, Peanut the Texas show pig was a high School FFA project. But this animal love story has a twist. Lindsey explains her attachment to her friend Peanut, how he got saved and how he is doing now.

“When I first got Peanut, he was really scared of me, but I immediately fell in love with his adorable face. After a week we became best buds, he enjoyed running and belly rubs. He was very smart, but silly at the same time.”

“Once we got close to show, I started feeling very guilty about the whole situation and thought there was no going back. I was devastated. I talked to my friend about how I didn’t want Peanut to die. The next day Peanut wasn’t feeling very well and wouldn’t eat at all. This went on for a week which made me think he understood everything that was going on.”

Lindsey & Peanut cuddling in his pen.

“I did everything I could, but my teacher suggested that I either put him down or send him to the slaughterhouse so my family could keep the meat. My whole family, excluding my parents, wanted Peanut’s meat and were pushing me to sell him. They offered me a lot of money, but there was just no price on my best friend.”

“My boyfriend John helped me look for shelters and got denied at most. Finally, we found SARA Sanctuary and found Peanut’s forever home. Thank you guys for making this possible.”

Domesticated Peanut has a best buddy in Krampus, a tame feral pig who showed up at SARA’s gate on Christmas Day. Krampus was neutered and had to be isolated from our pig herd until he was no longer fertile. That takes weeks.

To keep Krampus company, we introduced Peanut for some socializing. The two became fast friends. Yes, a wild pig and a show pig have a bromance at SARA Sanctuary. How cute is that?

Just a couple of pigs guys enjoying each other’s company



PIG TALES: Krampus at the Gate
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