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ADOPTABLES: Big Benjiman

Benjamin is a senior pit mix who acts like a puppy. He may be big and chunky, but he has an adorable wobble and youthful, playful spring in his step. Watch his video! 

Benjamin is not a big fan of other dogs. But towards humans, Benjamin has a lovely soft character, loves people and human visitors. He knows a few tricks and seems to understand Chris even when they are fresh out of tricks and treats. 

The reason you are seeing Benjamin is that he is adoptable! Since he is a senior, the hot weather is harder on the older dogs and we’d like to see him find a home where he can spend some time feeling love and some AC. Big Benj has spent years at the sanctuary and is a tough old boot, but deserves a chance in a loving space for his last years. He will be 10 July 13. 

If you have fallen in love with Big Benjamin like we have, let us know. He’s hard to resist. If you know someone in your network that would love to help a gentle old senior, keep Benjamin in mind. Share Benjamin’s YouTube video

To give dogs like Benjamin a better chance of being adopted, we are installing a new database at SARA. For the past few weeks, our new helper Heidi has been inputing all the dogs and cats into a new database to help track all kinds of information past, present and future. The data base will be used to track the origin of each animal, birthdate, weight, medical history, temperament, photos, videos and more.

One of the many benefits of the new system, is to help adoptable animals. All that information is used to determine adoptability or not. If adoptable, the profiles will be added to a new adoption page on the website. If the dog moves to a rescue organization who also uses ShelterLuv software, that dog can continue to be tracked until adopted into a new home.

The dog profiles will show each adoptable dog and their name. When you click on their photo, each dog or cat will have their own page with more photos and video if available and that animal’s details which looks like Benjamin’s profile below. There’s also a spot for a story about them and to give each one a better chance at finding a fit for a forever home.

You can see some of the information and the layout which will help Benjamin get adopted. We’ll build a story about him from Dog Handler Chris to increase Benjamin’s chances for a new family match. Seniors and pitbull mixes are the hardest to adopt and are usually the dogs you mostly see on death row at the shelters. Benjamin is one of the lucky guys to have landed in a no-kill shelter and has a happy life at the sanctuary.

Thanks to each one of you and your monthly commitment to helping SARA animals, we can spread the word about adorable adoptables like our Big Benjamin and help save more animals.

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