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PIG TALES: Potbelly Piglets Make a Move

Our 6 little piglets all made it! They did not arrive in the best shape, but they have bounced back in a BIG way. They had been separated to give the mama sow a chance to stop lactating. She is a small potbelly and it was getting difficult for her to keep up with feeding 6 growing piglets. 

For a couple of weeks, they were eating on their own so they could grow large enough to be with the other adult potbellies. Tracy kept them all in the same area as the other potbellies, but they were protected so they could get stronger and learn to eat. 

This week, they made another big pig milestone and were introduced to the other potbellies. We got the video of them roaming out of their enclosure into their new bigger world.  Watch the video of piglets coming out this week. 

SARA friends and supporters Erin & Tucker are adopting one or maybe two of these piglets. Erin & Tucker already have a couple of SARA pigs on a small patch of land surrounding their home. We love that they are making room for at least one of these adorable potbellies. 

Thanks for sponsoring SARA animals through Patreon monthly. We have more new Patreon joining this month which helps more than 600 animals including our 6 piglets who will soon enough be full grown potbelly pigs. 

If you don’t remember how small they were, watch them here:
PIG TALES: Mama Sow & 6 Piglets 

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