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DOG VLOG: Adoptable Max gets saved

SARA tries to save as many animals as possible, when possible. SARA Animal Helper Heidi spotted a plea for a dog in great need and decided to jump in and help a starving and forgotten Max. Heidi tells Max’s story and shares some photos of his improvements while at SARA.

“May 24, 2021 was Max’s Miracle day. On this day, Max’s picture was displayed on a private facebook group for dog moms with a heading entitled *****HELP*****. This post was listed for less than 24 hours before it was taken down by the group. Graciously, this was enough time to catch my eye.”

“The post contained two pictures of a pitiful dog made up of skin and bones attempting to drink out of an empty dish and crouched inside a crate. Under the heading ‘HELP’, was the plea of a concerned neighbor desperately trying to find someone willing to take him off the owner’s hands. The owners had stated that if the dog did not get picked up, they would be getting him euthanized.”

“I got the okay from our sanctuary owner, Tracy, and just two days later, I picked Max up with the help of my friend and brought him to SARA.”

“Max’s condition was shocking. He was so thirsty when we picked him up that he lunged for my coffee cup and a container of water trying to sip up every drop while in the car. We pulled over at a gas station and poured bottles of water into a bucket for Max which he drank dry.”

“When we arrived at the sanctuary, we unloaded Max and a large bag of pit-bull breed dog food donated by his previous owners. Max nosedived into the kibble as soon as it hit the dish and lick it clean within seconds. As if the starvation and dehydration weren’t enough, Max was also suffering from mange that covered his face, chest and most of his body. We had our work cut out for us!”

“In the short time that Max has been at SARA, he has made huge strides in recovery. His ribs no longer painfully protrude and his weekly baths are paying off. He adores his pen-mate Regan and welcomes staff at the pen door with a sloppy tongue and wagging tail.”  

“Max is fun loving, good-natured and seems to have the ability to put a smile on the face of anyone who looks his way. Although he looks like a different dog than the one who arrived, I know his sweet personality is nothing new.”

“Max arrived loving and trusting and it is a shame to know he was so mistreated. I, along with the rest of the staff at SARA, are thankful to have supporters who donate time, money, gifts, and spread good news about all that SARA is accomplishing. These things help dogs like Max find safety and a place to receive love. Max is a miracle that SARA is thankful to have received.”

Heidi not only saved Max, but has helped SARA Sanctuary create our adoption pages by uploading all the dogs, cats, photos and details to help more animals get adopted. If you’ve fallen in love with Max and his story, you can find him and other dogs and cats on our new adoption pages.

Thank you for supporting SARA monthly so we can help more animals like Max get some deserved attention and find a family that will treat SARA animals kindly. 

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