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OCT 14 UPDATE: Duke Chicago
Duke made it to Chicago! Duke was one of the dogs chosen to go back with Alive Rescue Chicago to be adopted into a loving home. The Chicago area is among the top 10 pet-friendly cities in the US and hopefully someone will snatch up our senior sweetheart. We are so happy for Duke and all of the animals traveling to their new homes.

Alive Rescue brought us Sue Ellen and Grover who were not adoptable dogs into traditional family situations. Sue Ellen and Grover both enjoy dog company and will be living out their lives at SARA among dog friends. In exchange, Alive Rescue took 10 dogs including Duke and 11 cats including our Facts of Life kittens left at the gate just a week ago.  

Duke has been at SARA for 10 years and is about 12. We used Duke’s picture on social media and an email newsletter for #BigGive2020.

The man who rescued Duke and helped Duke get to SARA saw this picture and recognized his old friend.

How Duke landed at SARA Sanctuary

“I brought Duke to Tracy 10 years ago. My neighbor chained Duke outside with no shelter in the Del Rio heat. I tried to talk to her, but she was a cruel soul.

I would sneak into her yard every night to feed and water Duke and some late nights I would untie him and let him run.

Duke liked the love and freedom and one day escaped and was hit by a truck who did not stop.

I took Duke to the vet and wanted to keep him, but Duke and my male dog would fight.

Fortunately, I found SARA via the internet. I owe Tracy. I have sent money through the years, but it isn’t enough. Tracy was an angel and I owe here so much more. She gave Duke a life and I thank her for what she does.”

– Clay Sean Cipolla, Virginia


All of our animals have a story. We love Duke’s story and have so many more SARA animal stories to tell. Join SARA Sanctuary’s Patreon monthly to walk the grounds with Founder Tracy and Handler Chris. We will take you up close to our more than 600 animals. 

We’ve joined Patreon to hopefully help ease the monthly financial stress of fundraising. Thanks for helping us grow our monthly support and sharing in our mission to provide an unconditional life to all the animals who come to us.


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