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Meet one of our SARA Animal Ambassadors. SARA Sanctuary has many wonderfully talented and generous supporters. We asked Laurence Dusaulx why she returns to our sanctuary and continues to support our mission.

All the photos here were taken by Laurence during her last visit.

“I come out and help because I know there is a need. I feel that when I leave the place, which is always very sad for me, I have achieved something: caring for animals who need it. Spreading some love, attention, care, that makes me feel extremely good inside.”

“I see SARA Founder Tracy as my American Brigitte Bardot. I adore and respect both for their unconditional love of all animals.”

“I love ALL animals, but have a special connection with cats, horses and donkeys too. I understand cats, I think I know what makes them feel good or what might upset them.”

“I have 4 cats of my own, they consider me like their mom. I also volunteer weekly at the Houston SPCA cattery of course, and baby bottle feed when the time of the year comes.”

Laurence Dusaulx
French Language Consulting, Fiber Artist and a SARA volunteer for many years

Handcrafted Support

Laurence makes original handcrafted jewelry and used her craftiness to raise $250 for SARA animals and protect her fellow citizens of Houston. 

“I sewed many masks,  distributed to Houstonians and collected money to donate to SARA.The people were happy to participate and I think it helped make SARA better known in my neighborhood,” said Laurence.


Because of the pandemic, we are not able to have events or take volunteers or visitors. We’re missing our people and all the stories shared on social media.

To help us increase awareness, send your story on how or why you support SARA Sanctuary with some of your photos and videos to

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