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PUPDATE: Lucy’s 8 adoptable puppies

Lucy’s pups are growing and so is everyone’s interest in finding forever families! In the last week of July, the puppies will be spayed and neutered. We are also showcasing the puppies on Instagram & Facebook to find more eyeballs for homes or fosters.

These little ones will grow to be medium-sized dogs. Half of them have grown taller with longer legs and the other half are short like Lucy.

See more puppy photos & more adoptables on our new adoption page:

We received our first application over the weekend for Ross. That’s a big test for our new database of adoptables. The good news is the adoption pages are working. We need some more rules, visitation times and other details on the website to make all the information clear and easy to move through the process.

But, the most important thing is to get their faces and stories out there. Now we just need more applications and more families that are fabulous fits for more adoptions.

Lucy hitched a ride with our shelter partners in Chicago. She did an awesome job taking care of 8 puppies. She is now getting some much needed rest with her new foster family. Whew! Thank you so much, Mama Lucy. You did your job. You’re a good dog and we hope you find a loving family as soon as possible.

Thank you too! We are gaining more Patreons each month which helps us save and take care of more puppies. Share the puppies or hit APPLY to start the process for an adoption visit.

ADOPTABLES: Lucy & Her 8 Colorful Pups

DOG VLOG: From Beirut to Seguin
(includes a recent video of the puppies)

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