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UPDATE: Rooster Coop Build in July – Aug 2021

Re-Coop on Saturday August 21. We have 3 kinds of ways to volunteer:

  • Volunteer to Build
  • Volunteer to Clean
  • Volunteer to Make Vegan Lunch

Signup to save a spot here:


This will be our 3rd Saturday working on the Rooster Resort. The progress may seem slow, but this is a very steady structure, well-built with love and will last for years to come. Thanks for all the commitment and early risers.


Rome and our rooster coop weren’t built in a day. But we have the skeleton and poles planted. A solid structure and excellent start thanks to our early rising SARA volunteers.

SARA volunteer Breanna on the saw horse.

Below is Ben and his drawing which sparked the plan to build the new connecting rooster coops.

And here’s where we are after a morning with 15 volunteers to launch the project.

We don’t have to tell you that it’s hot. We’ll let Jacob illustrate how he cooled off on volunteer day.

We’ve invited those willing and able to return next weekend to add to the progress.

For sure, the coop should be level. Ben double checked all the work.


Puppy hugging was required to recharge and for photo ops. Christina is a SARA hype person on Instagram.


Sounds like a rock band name. Peanut the rescued show pig got a lot of attention today, but he also knows how to work the crowd. And, SARA volunteer Maria played while curious pigs wagged tails to the music.

Watch the potbellies react to music on SARA’s TikTok.

Left to Right: Spiro, Ben, Chris, Tony & Jason


Building a rooster coop is an additional task above and beyond normal, very physical, very hot sanctuary activities.

We truly appreciate EVERYONE volunteering to sweat it out with us. Thanks for your support in making the sanctuary a better place for our animals.

Watch for a more volunteer signups coming soon for the rooster coop and other projects.

Motivational short video: SARA Roosters on TikTok.

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