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Dog of the Month: Azule

Meet shiny, happy Azule. He is young fella but already has laugh wrinkles even though…

In June, Azule was picked up by an animal control officer along a stretch of south Texas highway. He was found next to the body of another dog who had been hit and killed by a car. 

Azule’s dog buddy was badly decomposed so no telling how many days he stayed there guarding his friend. The officer spent over two hours and part of her lunch to gain Azule’s trust so she could help him.

Dog handler Chris says Azule is doing well at SARA, loves to learn and is being playful with different toys. He will go in for neutering soon. With time to heal emotionally, he will be ready to find a kind family of his own.


Azule has been a loyal friend and could use a truly loyal pal in his corner. We have a great compassion for Azule and his story. That’s just a few reasons Azule is dog of the month.


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