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The Charm of SARA

SARA stands for the Society for Animal Rescue and Adoption. SARA is a farm sanctuary on 128 acres in Central Texas between San Antonio & Austin. Tracy Frank has run SARA since 1996 with a compassion for animals first. SARA leans on the kindness of donations monthly to care for and feed the 600+ animal residents.

The Sanctuary

Running a farm sanctuary is rewarding in so many ways and Tracy’s dream job. But, sanctuary life can also be a struggle: emotionally, physically & financially. 

Every day someone sends a mail to surrender a dog, a litter kittens or a pet pig. Neighbors call to report animal neglect and abuse. Some days animals are dumped at the front gate in obviously poor health, with behavioral problems, or in need of expensive surgery. 

Tracy makes arrangements for all of our animals to be cared for and feel safe inside our gates. .

The Animals

Animals come to us mostly from Texas and we work with other no-kill animal rescue organizations in Texas, California, Ohio, Colorado and Illinois to find homes for adoptable pets.

Some of our animals don’t fit in a home situation, are not suitable pets and still deserve a place to live. We work with the public and partners to take in difficult cases and have nearly 500 animals who are permanent residents.

The Mission - Unconditional Life

Visitors, volunteers, partners and donors are believers in the SARA mission to help any animal that comes to the sanctuary regardless of species, special health needs, or temperament. In short, unconditional life.

Reasons to Visit

Heading to SARA has become a personal pilgrimage for visitors seeking and giving love and acceptance. The sanctuary experience and unconditional life are a validation of our visitors’ own missions towards supporting all animal life.

SARA Sanctuary and our animals appreciate all forms of kindness, giving and support. When we have capacity, we attempt to welcome and accommodate all who come through our gates, onsite and online, unconditionally.

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The Location

SARA Sanctuary sits on gorgeous sprawling Texas acreage that Tracy Frank inherited and chose to turn into a farm sanctuary in 1996. The sanctuary is 68 miles from Austin, 42 miles from San Antonio and 12 miles from Seguin.

Seguin isn’t really a destination location. Getting volunteers and visitors to travel has always been a hurdle. If you can make the trip, it’s worthy of the effort. 

For those who travel to SARA and wish to sleep over, we’re building a barn with rooms for an overnight stay onsite. 

The New Barn

To make farm life more practical for our animals, vets, volunteers and visitors, we have poured the foundation on a new barn. The new barn is a big construction with multiple uses, such as providing shelter for our aging animals during the hot Texas summer. 

The barn will also have a vet station with supplies. Visitors and volunteers can stay over night and sleep above the animals. The frame for the new barn went up this summer. 

If you would like to help with donating supplies and construction materials for the new barn, contact Tracy for what we need to finish the barn done by 2020.

Partners in Rescue

SARA works with dog rescue, cat rescue, pig rescue, and various farm animal rescue organizations in several states and close to home.
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