Who supports our animals?

Woman hugging horse

Meet one of our SARA Animal Ambassadors. SARA Sanctuary has many wonderfully talented and generous supporters. We asked Laurence Dusaulx why she returns to our sanctuary and continues to support our mission. All the photos here were taken by Laurence during her last visit.

“I come out and help because I know there is a need. I feel that when I leave the place, which is always very sad for me, I have achieved something: caring for animals who need it. Spreading some love, attention, care, that makes me feel extremely good inside.”

“I see SARA Founder Tracy as my American Brigitte Bardot. I adore and respect both for their unconditional love of all animals.”

“I love ALL animals, but have a special connection with cats, horses and donkeys too. I understand cats, I think I know what makes them feel good or what might upset them.”

“I have 4 cats of my own, they consider me like their mom. I also volunteer weekly at the Houston SPCA cattery of course, and baby bottle feed when the time of the year comes.”

Laurence Dusaulx
French Language Consulting, Fiber Artist and a SARA volunteer for many years

Crafty support raises $250

Laurence makes original handcrafted jewelry and used her craftiness to raise $250 for SARA animals and protect her fellow citizens of Houston. 

“I sewed many masks,  distributed to Houstonians and collected money to donate to SARA.The people were happy to participate and I think it helped make SARA better known in my neighborhood,” said Laurence.

Face coverings

Because of the pandemic, we are not able to have events or take volunteers or visitors. We’re missing our people and all the stories shared on social media. To help us increase awareness, send your story on how or why you support SARA Sanctuary to info@sarasanctuary.org or post on your own page and tag us. 

The Luckiest Calf in Texas

It’s a boy! Meet Julio, the luckiest calf in Texas. Why? He was born on a farm sanctuary in the hottest month of the year. But lucky Julio, his breed can handle the Texas heat and SARA Sanctuary is a no-kill animal sanctuary.

Julio is a Beefmaster which is a hybrid breed built for hardiness and profitability. A family of four Beefmaster cattle arrived together at the sanctuary at the end of 2019 with the possibility that the cows were already pregnant. Julio’s mother Peaches was, obviously. SARA Sanctuary also cares for his Aunt Apricot, brother Handsome and grandmother Melinda.

How long does a bull live?

Longevity is not a tested trait in the cattle industry. It’s difficult to find the natural lifespan of a Beefmaster bull or any bull. Cattle are raised for a purpose, either dairy or meat.

Most dairy farms are not pleased with the birth of a male calf. Bulls cannot produce milk or calves, so bulls are considered to have a lower value in the cattle industry and nearly no value in the dairy industry. Dairy bulls are often killed immediately or sold for veal.

SARA's unconditional life

At SARA Sanctuary, Julio won’t be taken from his mother. He won’t be sent to the slaughterhouse. Julio gets to stay with his family grazing and roaming in the pastures with an unconditional life. 

Because Julio was born on an animal sanctuary, he is protected by SARA’s mission, our staff and his cow family. We think Julio might be the luckiest calf in the world even. We hope he lives a long, natural life and we feel lucky to have him.

Help us welcome Julio

Consider supporting SARA Sanctuary’s mission to help any animal that comes to us regardless of species, special health needs, or temperament. A monthly contribution will help care for Julio and his family for years to come. 

Baby Gifts for Julio & Peaches

If you would like to donate a specific gift or supplies needed for Julio & Peaches, we’ve made a list of items a baby calf and mom need. At the vet, you can make a contribution towards Julio’s future care. Or shop online at D&D local feed store. 

Livestock & Feed Supplies 

D&D Farm & Ranch online store keeps everyone safe while shopping from home.

Veterinary Costs 

County Line Animal Hospital will take credit card payments over the phone: 830-253-1041. 

  • SARA Sanctuary calf castration: $65 
  • Calf vaccinations for both black leg & virus shield: $30
  • Donate any amount towards SARA’s monthly vet bill. 

SARA Sanctuary is a no-kill farm meaning we do not raise cattle for veal, beef or dairy production. We depend on the generosity of our donors to help us care for all of our animals. Have questions about what else the cattle and animals need? Put a message in the comments, send us an email: info@sarasanctuary.org or give us a call: 830-401-0280. 

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Closed for summer, open online

For the summer, we are social distancing from the Texas heat and because of Coronavirus. Even though the public and our fans cannot visit our animals in real life, we are hoping our new website will help bring our animals closer to you. 

More website fixes and new pages are coming soon to make things better for our animals.
1. Increase volunteer sign ups and participation
2. Build a better foster network of our animals.
3. Track and promote better processes for more adoptions.
4. Provide clear paths and ways to support our animals online.

SARA is a registered nonprofit organization, but we are not government subsidized. We depend on daily donations to feed and care for 600+ animals at SARA Sanctuary. Like most folks, our times seem challenging enough, but we are looking forward to greener pastures at the sanctuary and online. We appreciate any sized donation.

We’ll let you know when we open the gates for visitors again. Thanks for poking around trying out all the new buttons. 

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