Our lovable dogs are ready for adoption!

Carrin terrier mix, about 2 years old female

Pretty Wendy is a bundle of energy and love!  She gets along with other dogs and would do well in a home without any small children.  

6 year old Terrier mix male

This sweet boy was saved by a concerned volunteer after a so-called “rescue group” was going to have him killed, incredibly for being attacked by another dog!


He is partially deaf and has a little separation anxiety, but is affectionate and playful. He is gentle with children and great with other dogs and cats.  
12 year old Pit Bull mix female
This sweet girl has been with us for over ten years.  She was dropped off by a man who said he didn’t want her and her sister anymore.  Marisol and Mariposa were a handful for the first six or seven years that they lived here.  They could both climb tall fences and were constantly getting into trouble- chasing other animals, fighting with other dogs and even biting some people.
Fortunately, they both mellowed into well-adjusted dogs. 
2 year old German Shepherd mix female
Pretty Olivia was found last fall at an abandoned recycle center.  She was hungry, covered in fleas and scared.  Olivia was fearful of people at first, but has blossomed.  She has the sweetest personality and gets along well with other dogs and cats.  She is house trained and well-behaved.  
Maria, Consuela and Josefina (from top to bottom)
Pointer mix females DOB Jan. 2020
These precious sisters were rescued in San Antonio in late February after someone found them at Mission San Jose early on a Sunday morning.  Hikers witnessed a car drive away leaving the pups behind.
One even fell into the famous aqueduct and had to be saved from drowning.  
They are all super loving and playful.  

More dogs coming soon!

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