Red Barn in the Snow

Sneak peek about SARA animals...

The new red barn has been a year long project and was ready to house our older and more at...

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FRANK TALKS: Video Snow Day Snippets

Sneak peek about SARA animals...

Straight outta Seguin! Founder Tracy with a few short videos and a little commentary.The sanctuary not only looks gorgeous, but...

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Snow Covered Sanctuary

Sneak peek about SARA animals...

Well this is the Texas winter wonderland that we woke up to and it doesn’t look like Texas. Just added...

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Texas Dogs in the Chicago Snow

Sneak peek about SARA animals...

We have spotted some of our Texas dogs on Instagram loving the Chicago snow: Moonpie, Rocket/Grover, Miami & Mari/Kira. Here...

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Be My Valentine

Just a sweet thank you for showing your love and sharing your love of animals.

Maple is rocking her purple banadana. Chris took the shiny bandana pics.

We made SARA Valentines for you to send to your friends.

Just click on the photo or hold it with your finger to download. Send SARA faces to your people who adore animals like you do.

Trixie is our blind goat and has been at the sanctuary since she was born. She somehow knows where the camera is.

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FRANK TALKS: Lovely Lilliana

Meet Lilliana, a beautiful dog who until recently, didn’t have an easy life. For years, she lived in a vacant, wooded lot in San Antonio with other feral dogs, having litter after litter. Various people fed the dogs, but her sad life persisted until last year when a volunteer finally trapped Lilliana and her adult son.

Upon arrival, Lilliana’s front paw was badly infected and she tested positive for heartworms. It turned out she had an aggressive form of cancer and the only way to ensure that it wouldn’t spread further was to amputate her entire leg. Dogs can do very well with three legs, but losing a front leg is harder.

It’s been an adjustment, but she came through the surgery and the heartworm treatment just fine. She now needs to time to heal emotionally. She gets along very well with other dogs and cats. She’s completely non-aggressive and house trained, but she’s afraid of people.

Lilliana needs a quiet place where she can learn to trust humans. She is on the back cover of the next SARA printed newsletter to give her some extra attention.

Founder Tracy Frank has a phone load full of photos and videos, and 25 years worth of stories about animals to share. 

Thanks for your monthly support on Patreon which helps us support dogs like Lilliana who need care and attention. 

PIG TALES: Krampus at the Gate

On Christmas Day, this little boar showed up at our front gate. Guess he heard about SARA as a safe refuge with good mud, hay and feed.

We got him into a pen by himself where he is awaiting neutering. Once he is castrated, he will need to be isolated for two months because male pigs continue to be fertile for at least 45 days after the procedure. All of our male pigs are sterilized to reduce aggression in the herd and prevent unwanted boars.

We named him Krampus after the European Christmas creature who keeps kids in line. Our Texas Krampus looks more like a buttoned-eyed pig while the European version looks like a scary goat!

FUN FACT: Why the long face?
The snout of the wild boar (Sus scrofa) has a cartilagnious disk at the end supported by a small bone called the prenasal that allows his snout to act as a bulldozer for foraging.

SARA Mission & Unconditional Life
Your monthly support helps with our mission to take care of any animal that comes to the sanctuary regardless of species, special health needs or temperament. Unconditional life includes surprise visits from pigs in need like Krampus.

DOG VLOG: Sue Ellen & Grover

Chicago dogs Sue Ellen & Grover traveled to live together at SARA in October 2020. After a few weeks of decompressing, they are getting used to their new sanctuary life as Texas farm dogs. To build their update, we have pulled together text, pics and video of their whole Chicago to Texas journey from ALIVE Founder Kristen, volunteer Alexis and SARA Dog Handler Chris and SARA Founder Tracy.


Dog History Grover
Grover was rescued by ALIVE Rescue in 2016 and was adopted soon after. Almost four years later he was returned displaying a lot of anxiety. “While in the home he exhibited some negative behavior toward humans that could not be corrected through training. We’ve assessed him and watched him closely since his return and decided he would be much happier living in a sanctuary environment,” said Kristen Gerali, Alive Founder and President.

Dog History Sue Ellen
Sue Ellen was rescued by ALIVE Rescue in early 2020.  She was completely shut down the first 24 hours she arrived, but soon started exhibiting signs of fear aggression.  “We have been working with her ever since trying to get her to trust humans again. She does LOVE other dogs, so we feel is a good candidate for the sanctuary.  We just want to give her a little bit more time with the training to see if she can come around,” said Kristen.

“We believe every dog deserves a home.  Sometimes their preference is sanctuary life.” ALIVE Founder Kristen Gerali


Sue Ellen & Grover’s Journey to Texas
There are times when we save an animal and realize they may not be adoptable, preferring the company of fellow canines over humans.  

Kristen said, “Luckily, ALIVE Rescue partners with SARA in Texas. SARA takes in dogs who are unsure of humans, but who love other dogs.  Alive Rescue has several dogs and one cat currently living their lives out at the sanctuary.”

“In order for SARA Sanctuary to take in one of the Chicago dogs for life, ALIVE Rescue must take 10 of their adoptable animals.  That means if both Sue Ellen and Grover go to sanctuary, we will have to bring back 20 adoptable animals.

How are Sue Ellen & Grover doing now?
Founder Tracy matches up dogs to share their living quarters based on size, temperament and bonds. Grover & Sue Ellen were already used to each other and being together has helped them adjust to their new life and living arrangements together.

SARA Dog Handler Chris: “Grover is super sweet and very toy and treat motivated and loves to learn. Sue Ellen is scared of strangers, but has been making tons of progress with us. She used to bark at me any time I’d walk by but she is coming around and is a lot calmer when I’m by her and has eaten treats out of my hand.”


Many of the before pics in Chicago came from ALIVE volunteer Alexis. “I volunteer as a shift leader and led a lot of shifts with Sue and Grover. I know SARA is the perfect home for them, but definitely miss those silly guys!”

This time we had a lot of background information at videos and pictures of Sue Ellen & Grover. Watch for more DOG VLOG videos and pictures from Dog Handler Chris who interacts with SARA dogs daily. 

Your monthly support on Patreon helps us take care of dogs like Sue Ellen & Grover who really like other dogs, but are not great fans of humans. SARA has helped save these two and other dogs who are not considered adoptable. THANK YOU!